The government should focus on creating the environment for small businesses to succeed. Sadly, it too often does just the opposite. During the Obama administration, higher taxes, burdensome regulations, and the uncertainty of Obamacare put a wet blanket on our economy that cost jobs in Ohio and around the nation.

In 2010, when Senator Portman campaigned for the Senate, he made tax reform the centerpiece of his plan to promote stronger job creation and economic growth. In 2017, he delivered on this commitment, leading the effort in the Senate and working closely with President Trump and his administration to enact the historic tax reform legislation.  As a result of the tax cuts and pro-growth tax reforms, many businesses across Ohio and the nation increased pay and benefits for their workers and brought investment back to the United States. As a result of the middle-class tax cuts, workers in Ohio are keeping more of their hard-earned money in their paychecks.  

Portman is also a leader in reforming our regulatory system and improving our worker retraining programs to make America more competitive and to unleash the innovative spirit of the American people. As the co-founder of the Senate Career and Technical Education Caucus, Portman has played a leadership role in the Senate in helping workers get the skills training and credentials that are in high-demand in today’s job market. 

As a former U.S. Trade Representative, Portman continues to be a leading voice in the Senate on common-sense trade policies that promote a level playing field for American workers and create more jobs for Ohio farmers and small businesses. In particular, he worked closely with the Trump Administration to build support for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which was approved by Congress in early 2020. The new trade pact will provide greater support for American workers, farmers, and manufacturers and strengthen the economy as well.