Senator Portman believes we must work together to lower health care costs for all Americans.  He has fought for a better health care system that lowers the cost of coverage and provides access to quality care, while protecting the most vulnerable in our society. 

When Obamacare was enacted, then-President Obama promised that if you liked your insurance you could keep it, that people they could keep their doctor, and that premiums would go down.  None of those promises were kept. And today Obamacare continues to increase already high insurance premiums and made health care more expensive.

Rob supports legislation that protects Americans with pre-existing conditions and ensures that they will never be denied health care coverage or be charged more because of a pre-existing condition.  He has also voted to repeal and replace Obamacare with a better solution that would lower health care costs, provide $45 billion in additional funding to address the opioid epidemic, and $100 billion for an innovative approach to providing low-income Americans with access to affordable health care.  While Democrats obstructed the proposal, Portman has continued to play a leadership role in making our health care system work better for all Ohioans.

Senator Portman has taken a leadership role in cracking down on high prescription drug prices.  He voted for the Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act, bipartisan legislation that helps lower out-of-pocket costs for our seniors, cracks down on the high prices set by drug manufacturers, ends the practice of spread pricing in the Medicaid program by pharmacy benefit managers, and saves taxpayers more than $100 billion. In addition, he led an investigation by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), which found that a drug manufacturer was exploiting the opioid crisis by increasing the price of its naloxone drug EVZIO by more than 600 percent by 2016.  After the PSI report was made public, the drug manufacturer reduced the price from $4,100 to $178 per unit.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Rob has strongly supported our physicians, nurses, and others on the front lines risking their lives to treat those who are sick, along with our hospitals and health care providers, to ensure they have the resources they need to help Americans recover from this disease.